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The Long Summer – A Tale Of Forbidden Love (Episode One)

I couldn’t help my excitement as I  jumped repeatedly on the soft waterbed in my best friend’s room. This was the summer I had been waiting for all my life. The summer of fun, the summer of fulfilment, the summer of everything.

We had finally succeeded in convincing our parents to allow us to stay home alone without adult supervision. This was a huge achievement for former 300 level students preparing for their finals who were barely young adults. I was barely 19, I had three more months before the final teenage year begun. My best-friend Tania was almost 21 and among our many lists of turn-ups was her big 21 house party that just had to hold.

I had never been to a house party. I was curious and sure as hell anxious. It was like I should fast forward the one month left to the big day. I couldn’t wait.

Tania’s parents were out of the country for their usual summer family holiday travels. They opted for her to stay with us, but my mum and I knew we couldn’t accommodate someone from such affluence in our little flat in Idimu, Lagos, Nigeria.

Don’t get me wrong we weren’t poor, if we were I wouldn’t be at Babcock University with her. But like everything on earth, there are different levels. Hers was far higher than us. But I didn’t care she was my best friend for three years counting. We met on the day of post UTME and just clicked from then on.

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We had totally different lives. I was just the regular timid girl that was doing excellently well in school. Okay, not excellently but a 2.1 is not beans now. Lol, ignore me. Anyways she, on the other hand, was the outgoing one, the one that left school every other weekend with that her famous CU Boyfriend that I wouldn’t hear word about. They were already one year but I had never met him. I knew him well though, from pictures and her tales. I spoke to him once or twice on phone. He seemed like a great guy. And she had already promised he would come visiting in the summer so I could meet the dude finally.

My phone beeped. I picked it up lazily to check it out. As I saw the update I screeched out in joy!. My crush for a whole semester had just messaged me on Instagram.

Tania rushed to me. Jacked the phone and saw it too. She screamed equally.

Woah! Did Emmanuel just frigging message you! Reply reply!” She charged with joy. “You know what forget it, I’ll do it, before you say rubbish again” she picked up my phone and began to reply him.

I didn’t object. She was the experienced one with guys. Always knew the right things to say – at any frigging time and place. Hence why so many boys frolic around her. Going out with Tania is always the best. We always get freebies – from free lunch to free movies to free rides. Whatever is possible we got from them, thirsty niggas.

Adaeze what’s your WhatsApp number again? Forget it sef…you that you update your story like you’ll die the next day…what’s that your telegram number again…err” she mumbled to herself as she wowed my crush the Tania-tko-mode.

After a long silence I spoke up, “Biko gimme my phone. It Don do. You’ve helped enough. I’m not you. Let’s not bother. If he won’t like me eventually then no point prolonging his rejection

She ignored me.

Tania!” I snapped and reached out for my phone. The silly girl jerked away. And we began the struggle. I chased her around the house as she typed away, captivating my Emmanuel with her love charm. She was trying to help, but I already knew the end result. Disappointment. For me.

After panting and sweating. ” Tania I’m telling him it’s not me. I swear I would send him your handle! Keep messaging ”

You won’t dare” she charged and continued her evils. Yes, evils because she was prolonging the inevitable.

watch me. And I’ll send him all those late night selfies you send to the bae” I smirked.

where do you want to get it, my phone is fingerprint locked sistergirl

it’s not hard when you’re sleeping  I’ll put your hand on it, you know you sleep like a log of wood before

Knowing the validity of my statement she gave up.”ugh, just take your phone this girl” she said as she handed me my tecno mini.

Thank you

“Just shut up, speaking of which, Seju is coming tomorrow!

I was finally going to meet the world famous Olatoritseju Ojeraki. The delta boy that was driving my friend crazy. I couldn’t wait.

Wow! Really! That’s great news! So fast ahan. I go love o

no time to waste time baby. I need me some good loving” she said as she swayed her hips around the room.

repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” I teased. Asides from being the quiet one I was also tagged the goody to shoe girl by my annoying best-friend. All because I didn’t believe in the shit they all do. They say they aren’t practising sexual immorality but they do everything except for an actual intercourse. It didn’t make sense to me. Kuku go all the way. There’s no half sin or full sin, as far as I was concerned once you start taking off your clothes, you’re practising sexual immorality – period.

Please shut up joh, we are not having sex just making out” She looked away with a face red as hell.

Ohh, be deceiving yourself, you remove all your clothes, give and receive head and you’re forming virgin, common shut up.”

Its okay o, please can you help me pick out clothes, I’m thinking of wearing something simple, homely but sexy…

A dress maybe? What about that blue dress you got from Mr Price?“I asked.

Yes! With my gold 207 stephanies...It’s perfect! Thank you” She hugged me with Joy, as she dragged out the dress prepping to iron it.


The following day.

Thanks to overly anxious Tania my morning was disorganized. I had to bathe in the guest room downstairs because she decided to sleep in the bathroom. It was almost two hours and little miss perfect hadn’t left the bathroom. As I stepped out of the bathroom and looked up I basically almost tripped.

He was here.

Tania’s boyfriend. Seju. Sitting in the sitting room. I suddenly looked at myself and realized I wore a towel that was barely covering anything.

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All that came to my mind was run. And I did. I had barely taken three steps when the worst happened. The barely decent towel decided to lose it tightness. And down the floor, it went. I gasped and heard his too as I picked up the cursed towel to salvage my dignity.

As I got to my room so many emotions ran through my mind. What was I going to do? How was I going to face him? What would we tell Tania? And now I would have to face him. What a first impression? My heart was racing. It was too humiliating. I felt hot tears sting my eyes. The disgrace of the century!

Adaeze!” She called out from downstairs.

Aye Le O Ibosi o! I cursed under my breath.

How the hell was I supposed to face him? I was bewildered.


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