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The Long Summer – A Tale Of Forbidden Love (Episode 7)

It was her Big 21. Yes the day was here. After months of planning and a week long of outings – without Seju who basically ignored us both for the whole week. I tried my best to cheer Tania up and distract her but with each passing day her anxiety doubled up. What do I do? Should I beg him? What am I even begging him for? Do I sleep there? Maybe I should enter the room naked? These and many more were the questions my best friend beclouded me with.

I could relate. I was just barely an acquitance to him yet his behavior was getting to me. She on the other hand was his girlfriend, loosing her mind should be an understatement of what she should feel. Because not talking to him was unbearable she starting sleeping in the same room as me. She said not talking to him was too heartbreaking and she couldn’t stand it. I concurred.

The door slammed open. A bright looking Seju walked in with a pink paper bag. Pink was Tania’s favorite color. He was up to something good. I grinned at the realization. She was still sleeping when he strolled over to her and planted a big fat kiss on her lips. Mama sprung happily as if she had been faking sleep. Come to think of it she might have.

“Happy birthday wifey. I love you” he said with the sweetest look I had ever seen him on. She shrieked out in joy and kissed him deeply. I couldn’t help it. Happiness filled my soul. We were sisters and her happiness was mine. She looked at me after. I had already wished her a happy birthday 12:am and with just a look from her I got the message and left the room for them. As I walked out I realized Seju had totally ignored me. Well I didn’t reach out either. Who cares? I jogged down the stairs to the sitting room and decided to rest for a while. I needed it. Not with the house party we were going to host later in the night.


The Lawson’s Residence.

As Leslie walked out of the house anger resonated all through his soul. He could have killed that boy Emmanuel if it was just them both. It was just unfortunate that the society had gotten so degraded that a young promising boy with a future would robe himself into such hideous crimes against humanity and against people that are supposed to be his comrades. Okay schoolmates was the right word, he decided.

He was also angry at those teenagers. He kept reminiscing on the lengthy argument he had with Senator Thompson about disclosing the true situation of events to his daughter and her friend. Or friends? He was absolutely sure her father did not know about a man in the house.

As he drove out the driveway, down the streets and up to the place which he called home he couldn’t stop slamming his fists against the dashboard. They had complicated events and now any little mistake would put everyone of thems life in danger. He couldn’t get the thought of what Mr Lawson would do to him especially if he found out out of his mind. Now due to the fact that a silly girl can’t keep her mouth shut he had to do something horrific. Or else his life was over. He just hoped the silly girl wasn’t his angel. He should warn them but him going over to the house would raise suspicion. Maybe he should call her dad, but then Mr Thompson was a smart man he would know the Intel was too genuine. I have to tell Mr Thompson I’m a double agent. but there’s no time again today. Pray none of them does something stupid. I don’t want to hurt anyone. And I must order those guys not to either. They might want to use that opportunity to do something stupid. 

These and more were the thoughts on his mind when he got home and found Halima wearing nothing but a sexy smile. He sighed and realized with all this drama this was something he really needed. And even with his disdain for her, this was something she did right. He walked over to her and claimed her lips in a rough and passionate kiss. “Take me here” she said through swollen lips. He smiled haughtily and granted her wish.


It was exactly 8pm when I woke up on the couch and looked around me to see a house filled with people dancing and jumping around. As I stood up I noticed I was still on my nightwear and people were taking pictures and laughing at me. I saw my best friend with Seju equally laughing. “You’re such a joke” I heard a guy say. I turned over to notice it was Emmanuel. It was then I knew I was gone. I couldn’t fight the tears.  I started crying. It was too humiliating. Everyone began to shout “Adaeze Adaeze”

“Adaeze Adaeze” I woke up to see Tania. I turned around and realized I was dreaming. It was so liberating. I had never felt so relieved in my life. “It’s 8pm…”, she started. At least my dream got something right. “Get up and get dressed. I got you something to wear it’s on your bed”

It was then I realized she was already dressed. She wore a white v-necked dress that clunged tightly to her body. The V was so cut low you could see a large mass of her cleavage. It was slightly below her knee, at least something decent. I looked at her legs, she wore very pretty golden coloured sandal heels. Her toe nails were painted red and she still retained her black colored artificial nails. She had curled her weave and her make up was out of this world. It was her day and I was proud that she looked that good.

I hugged and wished her a happy birthday once again and went to my room to get dressed up. I decided to bathe before checking out the outfit she got for me.  My body cleaning took about 20 minutes because well I love water. As I came out of the bathroom I began to hear loud music and voices. They were early mehn. It was Tania Thompsons party. The whole school would want to be there. I realized.

I spotted the bag. There was a note in it. “Thank you for being the best friend anyone could ask for” Awww. It was so sweet of her. I took out the dress it was black. She had always said black would blend with my color cause I was light skinned.

I slipped it on. It was an off shoulder body con dress with a few studs on it. I looked at my self in the mirror. I had never felt so sexy in my life. I caught a glimpse of the wall clock it was 15 minutes to 9pm. I quickly picked a scarf put it over my chest and shoulders and began my face beating process.


Seju had never felt so out of place in his life. His girlfriend had gotten whipped away in the crowd of envious girls and thirsty boys. And he couldn’t stand to feel like an outcast. His Covenant University crowd were missing and as a result he was a nobody at the party. The girls that were embarrassing themselves and trying to force a conversation with him were not even helping matters. He placed a palm over his face and shook his head. He dropped his palm after, looked up and got star struck. It was Adaeze. She looked breathtaking. That dress was a winner. Her voluptuous curves were revealed quite nicely and the lights danced over her beautiful fair skin. Her hair was packed up in a ponytail and that red lipstick just drew his attention to its fullness. Their eyes met and he looked away and walked in the opposite direction.


What the hell is his problem? I asked myself. I decided I wasn’t  going to continue the nonesense. We were both adults and someone had to act like one. I followed him as he walked up the stairs.

On the passage way I called out. “Seju wait!” He ignored me. It was dark. For some weird reason the lights refused to turn on. “Seju” I called out and ran towards him and tapped him.

He turned around and I saw it wasn’t Seju. Even with the dim light reflecting from my room I knew Seju’s face at any moment.

“Oh sorry. Wrong person” I said and turned away. The strange guy grabbed my palm and pulled me to him.

“Woh slow down I said I’m sorry” I said. That was creepy.

“And I’m sorry Sorry isn’t enough for me” he said then walked briskly to the guest room still holding my hand tightly as he dragged me with him. I began to shout. But I  knew it was fruitless the music was too loud. I wasn’t a child and I knew what he wanted.  He pushed me into the room. I tried to run out but he dragged me back and swung me towards the bed. My heart Slammed in my chest. He came towards me with nothing but pure lust written all over his face. I knew all of Tania’s friends. Who the hell was this guy?

“Please I’m a virgin…” I begged with tears stinging my eyes.

“Makes it even more enjoyable for me” He said as he fumbled with his belt buckle. It was over. I closed my eyes as I prepared myself for his wicked invasion.

“That’s enough!” We heard someone voice. I flung my eyes open. It was Seju. I sighed in relief.

“Guy go and find your own babe. This one is taken” the strange guy said.

Seju streched out his phone and said “Id advice to you heed my warning. With a single dial on this phone detective Leslie Amatah would be here to arrest you. Of course that is after I’ve battered your face” Seju said as he walked towards us with nothing but anger written all over him. It was then the guy realized Seju was taller and with one glance at his well built body he left me and ran out of the room.

He rushed to me. “Are you okay?” I nodded. I was a little shaken up but I was fine. “That’s great.” He replied and walked towards the chair as if trying to get as far away from me as possible. I sprung up and stared at him, he returned my stare with no words. I walked towards him and as if that action was a remote he simultaneously stood up. “Guess you’re fine let’s leave” he said as he opened the door. I closed it. He looked at me with questioning eyes.

“Why have you been avoiding me?”

“Avoiding you? I’ve been ignoring you not avoiding you”

Ouch. Okay that hurt.

“Why?” I managed with the last shred of dignity I had left.

“Because I can’t stand you. I can’t stand talking to you or being around you” he said.

“Why? What did I do to make you hate me so much?” I questioned desperately. I couldn’t grasp it.

“Hate you? Far from it. I’m trying to be a good guy here”


“Tania is an amazing girl” he said

“That’s not what I’m asking Seju can you not go off point”

“I’m trying to remind myself. So I won’t give in.” He explained looking so distraught and barely glancing my way.

I was confused what was he talking about?

“Do you know how breathtakingly beautiful you look tonight…” His words caught me unawares. “How do you think I found you. I couldn’t keep my eyes off you. That’s why I noticed when you left and decided to follow you like a dog chasing its feed. I was about to turn back when I heard you scream”

I was speechless.

His eyes perused my body and settled on my breasts. “Where did that dress come from? Even seeing you on a towel doesn’t do as much justice as this lovely piece on you.” He placed his hands on my waist.

“Seju……” I trailed off. my husky voice betrayed me.

“I wanted to be the good guy and leave. But you. You this sharp mouthed fearless pretty girl wouldn’t let me.” He slipped an arm around my waist and pulled me to him. He gently pulled my hair and my face moved up to face his. One look into his eyes and I knew I couldn’t stop him.


Tania had been searching frantically for Adaeze and Seju all over the house. The photographers were here and she needed them to take pictures too. Those photographers looked so weird but as long as they did the job she was fine. Maybe Seju stepped out but Adaeze that timid girl would be upstairs in one of the rooms.

She saw sign of light coming from the guest room and decided that was where the silly girl was. She turned the door knob and…

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