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The Long Summer – A Tale Of Forbidden Love (Episode 6)

Detective Leslie Amatah’s Residence.

Her hands moved up and down the hard muscles of his arms. All her thoughts were dominated by how they felt when pleasuring her. It was 7 am and all Halima Lawson could think of was reaching climaxes and cuddling up.

She kissed him on the lips. He turned away innocently still deep in sleep. She gently plastered feathery pecks all over his neck. Still no response. Frustrated, she resolved to her last resort and grabbed his very essence, the one thing that made him a man. As expected he sprung up and looked at her exasperated.

“Babe, I’ve told you severally not to wake me up when I’m deep in sleep. I slept so late last night don’t you get” Leslie was frustrated. He couldn’t grasp how someone could be so inconsiderate and insensitive.

“You’ve been acting distant of late. You’ve not even touched me in weeks. Why should someone else’s case affect us this much? Why?” She questioned him with eyes that showed pain. Or greed according to Leslie’s opinion.

“Lima you know how important this is to me. I’m a double agent” who’s not on your father’s side he thought to himself.

“It’s been taken care of. You did what dad said you should do. Told them the lie. So why you beating up yourself about it. Please leave that useless matter and pleasure me”

“Useless matter? Halima peoples life is useless matter. You disgust me.” He got up from the bed and fought the urge to kick her out of his house. Well technically it wasn’t not really his  house, it was a gift from her dad to consummate their love.

He couldn’t grasp how he dated such a shallow being for so long. It’s not like she was all that pretty so what was it? He decided after some few seconds that it was her dad. He showered Leslie with money. Put a 24-year-old as head detective above many older and more experienced officers. It was pure bribery. Maybe he knew how annoying his daughter was. Only a madman could stay so long with her.

Well, I must be mad to think I could work for such a wicked man and his despicable daughter. What do I do? I need to get rid of this girl. Not even after I saw her. That angel. That beautiful being.

Leslie couldn’t help himself from reminiscing about the day he visited the house. He was too mesmerized by the beauty of the girl he saw.  She was captivating. Her voice was surreal and her scent mesmerizing. He fought the urge to hold her. And the words she said Just further pulled him in. She was an angel and he just knew at that moment that he needed to have her in his life. But first, the pain in his neck Halima Lawson had to be dismissed. Same with her despicable father.


Tania’s Home.

It was three weeks already and our lives were already becoming normal. Tania’s birthday was in a few days and the excitement filled the whole house. She decided as a vain child that we should go out every day of the week to mark her birthday week. It was ridiculous. Who marks a birthday week? Only my best friend Tania.

As I put the last touch on my lipstick my phone beeped. It was Emmanuel. I grinned. The first guy that was working out in my whole life. Felt like a dream. Didn’t want to wake up.

(Emmanuel: Hey, I’m downstairs. Where you at?

Me: coming down now)

At that, I walked down the stairs bobbling with excitement. As usual, Tania wasn’t ready and as such, we had to wait for an hour extra. The only person that wasn’t mad was her boyfriend Seju. Who knew he could be patient like that.

Speaking of Seju, for three weeks he avoided me. He just acted like I was an enemy that he desperately wanted to rid himself of. I couldn’t understand it. I hated the previous behaviour but this had to be worse.

“Hey, guys!” Queen bee Tania said. She was back and ready. And she looked smoking hot as usual.

“You are annoying,” I said and walked out of the house with my Emmanuel. We were followed closely by Seju and Tania, it was a double date.

We visited the palms mall. Ordered for our popcorn and drink respectively and went into the cinema giddily. It was a romantic comedy. And we laughed so much at it. Seju kept giving Emmanuel and I awkward glances. What the hell was his problem anyway? He refused to be friends with me and now I’m hanging out with someone and he’s acting weird. I shook my head in frustration.

After a swell movie we all sat at a restaurant, ordered pizza and chatted away.

“So Emmanuel tell me again how you met Adaeze” Seju questioned with a suspicious looking expression.

“Well I followed her on Instagram and we chatted up and it just worked out from there” He smiled at me. Lawd he was cute. Too cute to be wanting me.

“But you were in the same school with her. You never thought to say hello. You must have hung out with a bunch of girls and all of a sudden you’re interested in her”

“Seju” Tania tapped him with a look of caution.

His tone of voice was loud and it was clear he was out to rattle Emmanuel. I was quiet as I studied him, he conspicuously avoided glancing my way.

“Chill out man. How we met ain’t the matter. It’s where we are now”

Seju stared at him deeply without saying a word. Emmanuel, on the other hand, looked at his meal unaffected.

He was a puzzle. Ignoring me but rattling out the guy I’m with. Who does that?

Tania’s phone started to ring. It was her dad.

“Daddy! How are you, sir?!” She asked happily.

“Daddy?” Emmanuel asked. It was then we all realized that there was an outsider amongst us and Tania just ratted her dad out.

“Daddy? Who are you calling daddy? Cheating on me?” Seju quickly tried to turn events.

“yes na. I have sugar daddy” she tried.

We all looked at Emmanuel who gave an awkward laugh. He didn’t look convinced.

The rest of the day went fast. We were all trying our best to act like Tania didn’t make a major error. And each prayed silently that he believed the cheating story. I was calm. Emmanuel was a great guy he had no reason to harm us.

At home while eating the pizza we bought.

“Tania that was a stupid thing to do!” Seju began. Obviously mad.

“It was a mistake. I’m sorry” she begged. She was really quiet and it was clear she felt horrible already.

“Sorry doesn’t do anything we should not have gone out yet. Now a total stranger who I’m sure has a hidden agenda knows your dad is alive”

“he might not know Seju” I had to bail my best friend out.

“he’s not stupid. Sugar daddy? Really?” He looked at me with irritation.

“Seju it’s not even your dad or your family so just calm down we would figure it out. Emmanuel is a great guy. Even if he knows we are safe with him”

“The both of you are stupid,” he said and walked out.

No.  I couldn’t take that. That was insulting. Highly insulting. I followed him to his room whilst Tania burst into tears. What the hell was wrong with him anyway.?

“you don’t talk to me or my best friend like that!” I said as I slammed his door open. He looked shocked.

“or what?” He baited me as he stood up from his bed.

“Or the worse would happen”

“I like to play dirty. Let me see the worst”

“Seju she made a mistake. Plus Emmanuel isn’t a bad person. He’s my soon to be boyfriend. I know him well.”

”Have you been to his house? met his sisters, his family or even a friend of his?” Seju questioned. Weirdly all my answers to those questions were no.

“Has he even kissed you or tried kissing you?” At that question, I could feel a tension. His anger was escalating and I felt like leaving the room.

“No” I looked down as I replied.

“Then I’m right about him.”


The Lawson’s residence.

Mr Lawson just got off the phone with his daughter Halima. She was clearly upset about something. He just hoped it had nothing to do with that detective Leslie. He had tried to too much for the young man. And if he made an error he would go meet his ancestors.

“Sir Emmanuel is here to see you he says he has Intel” A guard said to him.

“Sure let him in. Let the young man in” A happy Mr Lawson said.

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