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We were all mortified.

The news revealed the worst. Tania’s phone kept buzzing with numerous calls. The poor girl couldn’t even identify what was call button. She had just lost her everything. Father and mother gone in a ghastly auto crash.

Seju looked the most hit. In the brief period, I knew him I had never seen him looking so distraught. He looked like he had just been diagnosed with a terminal illness and had just one hour left to live.

The door began to bang and cars honking in the surrounding compounds. It was expected, her dad was the Minister of power and could have been Nigeria’s biggest shot at finally curbing the electricity problem that has plagued the country for so long. Such a shame that another good soul was gone.

open the door! Open the door!” we heard voices chorusing it outside the main door. They had made it into the compound. I made my way to the door but Seju stopped me and told me to stay and console Tania whilst he took care of our unwanted visitors.

About five minutes later, the noise subsidized and Seju was back upstairs with a detective.

For some weird reason, Seju looked brighter. “Babe Babe,” he said softly as he cradled her face in his hands. “What is it?” she said in a voice so weak my heart sank. Seju looked at the detective like he was trying to shift some weight off his chest.

Your parents are alive Tania,” the detective said.

What did you just say?!” Her eyes widened in confusion.

They faked their deaths”

Faked their deaths? Why? why would they do that?” She was gasping for air as she tried to make sense of his words.

Someone is after your family, someone that doesn’t like the good works your father is doing for us. Someone wants him dead. Somehow your father felt followed. He felt unsafe felt-” his speech was interrupted by his cell-phone ringing. “Hello sir – yes sir- I’m with her sir“, he handed the phone over to Tania.

Dad!!” She screamed. The detective quickly shut her up by covering her mouth. “No one must know about this until we know who the enemy is” he warned. She nodded and he left her to receive her call giddily.

In minutes I moved from being shattered emotionally to a feeling of immense joy. I heaved heavily as I stared at the detective with Joy. He looked like an angel who came to save us from the darkness. What would she have done if this was true? Where would she have picked up her life from? She was an only child whose relatives clearly had ulterior motives. Who would she call? Who would she trust? The thought was crazy.

She appeared again looking like she was resurrected from the dead. She hugged the detective real tight as thanked him. She lingered in his embrace and I could notice that Seju was becoming uncomfortable with the hug. I stared at the detective. He had a height with a large body that ensured that he was noticed anywhere he went. His dark skin looking silky with the sun rays reflecting on it. He clearly worked out as with Tania’s hands firmly wrapped against his body-hugging T-shirt you could see signs of his well-trimmed belly muscles. I sucked on my lips as I stared. His face wasn’t pretty like Seju, it was rugged in a sexy masculine way. He looked like the first character for a lead role in a war movie. I stared at Tania and noticed that she was also lusting after him.

As if to take his mind of his girlfriend hugging an incredibly attractive detective, he began asking questions.

What now detective?” Seju asked.

Well we would put up a front, act like they are truly dead and plan a funeral whilst we investigate whoever wants them dead

I started laughing. Everyone looked at me.

What funny?” The detective asked.

Investigate? In Nigeria?” I continued laughing.

Do you realize this is a serious situation and there’s a man of the law here?” Seju said but his smile after gave him away. He also doubted them but did not want to look like he was disrespecting an officer.

I’m sorry. Please do all you can to investigate” I said…in a sarcastic tone. I couldn’t help myself. We were in Nigeria and I just couldn’t see how realistic it was. I didn’t even know we had detectives in Nigeria. Talk less of one that was so good-looking.

As I was saying. Limit your going out for at least some weeks. People would expect you to be mourning. You are presumably an orphan now. And I beg of you do not tell anyone of this. The three of you are already too much but your dad said I could tell the girl and the look on your lovers face said he was trustworthy. Do not talk of this on electronic media we presume that your phones have been compromised. We are also getting Intel that they are using one of you to get information. So please no new friends.-”

no new friends” I hummed a drake anthem. They all gave me the same look as before. I wasn’t sorry. I was just too happy. Her parents were alive. It was happiness overload.

The detective forced a smile. I was clearly frustrating him. But the poor guy had to exercise emotional intelligence.

I see you like comedy and music. Cool. Anyway if you really love your parents put up an act and trust no one

What if they come for me?” She asked. Valid question I realized.

They won’t if you follow my instructions

Shouldn’t you assign officers to protect this house?” Seju said.

It would raise suspicion. We don’t want anyone to know we thought that accident was engineered

but- it’s not safe,” I said.

But the press would come here, won’t that not be uncomfortable. Didn’t you see how crowded this place was, you could say its protection against the press

you are one smart young man. Okay but just for a few days” our nameless detective said.

Two weeks. At least” Seju affirmed.

Alright Seju

How do you know my name?

I’m a detective. Remember? I know all your names

Then tell us your name“, I just had to ask. The gorgeous nigga had to have a name.

Leslie Amatah” he answered.

A nice ass name for a nice ass man. I blushed.

And in a few minutes, he was gone.

I don’t trust him,” Seju said.

you don’t trust him or you’re jealous of him?” I teased.

I don’t get jealous” Seju replied and walked out of the room. Tania and I looked at each other. what was wrong with this one?


The Lawsons residence.

“Did they fall for it?” Mr Lawson asked.

“Yes, sir.”

“Good job Leslie.”

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