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The Long Summer – A Tale Of Forbidden Love (Episode 3)

The Lawson’s residence.

A huge dark coloured building is hidden deep in the corners of Victoria Garden City Estate. It houses an awkward family of five. A man, his wife and four boys.

I hope everything is falling into place…I mean the different plans including that of the boy” Mr Lawson asked.

He was a plum man, blessed with a huge pound of flesh on his abdomen. It is what a large group of African traditionalist call sign of wealth and good living. Asides from his obvious physical size, his outfit reflected wealth. You could see the detail on the edges of the fabric as he continuously draped his agbada on his shoulders.

Yes sir. He is doing what we said, he is getting closer to the girl by the day. And on the day of the operation, he would be out with her. To make everything go smoothly.” Tunde Badmus a tall built good-looking man said with as much formality as he could manage. After all, it was his boss he was conversing with.

Very good. Keep up the good work” said Mr Lawson as he laughed mischievously. Everything was falling into place. He would soon get all that was supposed to be his. No one will take away his glory. No one.


Tania’s Home.

I couldn’t stop smiling. For the first time in my 18 years on earth, I was actually conversing well with a boy. It was like magic. He always seemed to know what I was thinking and what I would reply next. We were already planning to hang out. I couldn’t wait.

Ada this one that you’re smiling like this, the guy must be really bursting your head,“ said Tania in a teasing tone. I understood her amusement. My cycle with guys never lasted that long. Firstly, smiles then further smiles when she chats with them, then frowns and dismay when they lose interest because I can’t bloody keep a convo going. In other news did she just say bursting my head?

Darn right she did. “When did you become a razzite like this?“, I had to ask.

When you started using such a razz word as razzite, who even says that?

And that was it, Tania the classy one making me feel stupid again.

Her phone began to ring. She rushed over to it and the brightness on her face made me sure it was who I thought it was. Olatoritseju. I was glad that his so-called supervisory job kept him away from us. I couldn’t stand to face him after knowing what he actually meant. It hurt me that I wasn’t aware on time, I wished I replied him with something deep or at least told him off or something. Too bad. I sighed.

She kept giggling and replying and for some weird reason, I was struggling to smile. The smile I had on my face felt forced. My mind went back to that evening that she walked in on me after I realized that my BESTFRIEND’s boyfriend told me seeing me naked is a happy ending.

She noticed I was shaken. My voice an annoying betrayal to the straight face I was trying so desperately to keep. “What are you hiding?” She asked me that evening.

Nothing.” I managed.

Unconvinced she pulled open my towel. “Is there something on your body? Cause you have no reason to be naked right now. Don’t even tell me you were about to bathe because the Adaeze I know is the laziest woman alive.

I quickly rushed to her and hugged her as I burst into uncontrollable tears. She really was my best friend and that hurt so much. I didn’t want to lose our friendship. Not over a pervert. A man that had no respect for her or me. She kept patting me and telling me it’s okay whilst patiently waiting for me to spill the beans.

It’s Emmanuel. I really like him but I don’t think he likes my kind of body…

Did he say so?” She cut in.

No..but” I continued to lie as I kept crying. Lying to someone as amazing as Tania was the most inhuman thing ever. She could give her life to save yours and maybe that is why everyone loved her so much.

No buts. Jeez, Adaeze do you know how hot you are? If not that I trust my boyfriend Seju and you as well, you think I will bring him here and leave you both alone. Ha. Babe. Have you seen your ass? Or your waist? Or your yellow clean skin? Ogbeni get yourself together Joh. He must be blind to not like your body…

You’re coming! for real” Her loud tiny voice brought me back to reality. She exclaimed happily and ran out of the room. He was coming?

Arrrgh” I wheezed out. What sort of summer is this? Must he come? 

I resolved to stay in my room on all his visits. I’ll be chatting with my Emmanuel or binge watch series on Iroko TV. I clearly couldn’t tell Tania anymore. She trusted him too much and I didn’t want to ruin it for her.

Yet with my obvious dismay, I found myself ransacking my room for the perfect outfit. As I walked into the bathroom I realized I was struggling with mixed emotions, I was horrified but in the same vein slightly elated. Like what is exciting about this?

An hour later. I had managed to dress up while helping Mrs Ojeraki get the perfect look. She looked gorgeous, even though I was uncomfortable with the plenty make-up. Heavy eyeshadow. Loud ombre lips -something he will still kiss off. It just looked like she was trying too hard. He has seen her even with no makeup. She had a naturally pretty face so all of the paint really wasn’t all that necessary. However, Tania would never listen to me so I let her do as pleased as always.

The house bell rang and her phone rang simultaneously. It was clear who it was. Weirdly, my heart began to race. I took in a deep breath, whilst convincing myself that it was all in my head. I heard the sound of Tania opening and closing the sitting room door. He really was in the house.

I resolved to stay in bed but before I could lie down, she shouted, “Adaeze come and say Hi to my husband joh!

As I walked down the steps, I kept repeating to myself “It’s only for a few minutes. Say hello. Tell them you are sleepy and go back to the room. He’ll leave before night.

I got to the sitting room, luckily this time they weren’t making out.

Hey green girl

What? Why would he call me that? In front of Tania. Who the hell is this guy?

You don’t know your name again,” He said with an annoying smirk that made me notice his paw-paw coloured lips. Damn, he had really nice lips.

Does she look green to you, leave my friend alone joh

I sighed. Tania was a life-saver.

Whatever, where do I put my bags babe?

Bags? What bags?

I searched the place till I sighted one mini-box and a small travel bag.

What the hell was going on?

In the guest room baby,“ Tania replied.

Guest room?“He raised an eyebrow.

I’m kidding joh my room“ She replied nervously, stood up and began to raise the box handle.

Wait! Guys, what’s going on?” I was about to lose my mind.

Seju is staying with us for the rest of the summer


It felt like I stepped on a naked wire.

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