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LOL! Different Types of Students In Nigerian University Classrooms

See 9 types of students you’ll find in class!

1. Notice me/I.T.K: These ones must ask questions at the end of each class to the displeasure of their mates who can’t wait for the class to end. They ask stupid questions and questions that have obvious answers just to appear smart before the lecturer or earn extra stray marks.

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2. Back-benchers: They ALWAYS sit at the back of the lecture hall, and it’s still the same set of students that will shout “NO!” When asked by the lecturer if he/she is audible enough. How did they hear the question then? Lol.

3. Overzealous note-takers: These ones can write note for Universe; both wheat and shaft.

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4. Selfie gang: Throughout the class, they take pictures and admire themselves on Instagram and Facebook without retaining a thing taught by the lecturer.

5. Copy and paste crew: These set of people NEVER do their assignments themselves talk more of on time. They always wait till till the morning when the class is supposed to hold before searching frantically for who to copy. They ask questions like: “Have you done your assignment? Let me see.”

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6. Scholars/intelligent ones: The real scholars are not too loud or flashy. They mind their business and most times aren’t paid any attention by others in the class, but when results are released, their GP rises and speaks for them.

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7. Then, there are those students who are easily distracted. They never focus in class, but make it a point of duty to observe everyone’s dressing or hairdo, then pass snide remarks.

8. Cliques: These students sit together in every class, and reserve seats for each other in every class also. You dare not cross any of them.

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9. Sleepers: they can gist and walk about in class, but immediately the lecturer starts teaching, they’ll start sleeping.


The things we observe in class ehn! SMH. Which kind of these 9 types of students in class have you observed, in your school?

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