The past few days have been drama filled in Wizkid’s camp as his first and second Baby-mamas called him out for being a terrible dad.

The first Baby-mama, Shola Ogudu wrote a rather touching subtle message on Twitter stating that Wizkid has been a deadbeat dad to her son. She wrote with a lot of emotions about how she had to take care of their son, Boluwatife for seven years without any help from Wizkid.

Wizkid, unfortunately, made it harder for fans to defend him as he didn’t upload any pictures whatsoever to wish their son a happy birthday. To make it even worse he didn’t promote the new clothing line which their son launched on the same day. Fans expected that with his influence, advertising their sons brand would have done a lot of good to both the child and his mother.

Following the trail, his second Baby Mama also went on Instagram to talk about being there for your kids. She posted a photo which read:

“Take of Home before Impressing the streets.”

A Wizkid fan page slammed her for joining the first Baby-mama to gang up against the star and stated that he is sure Wizkid has been the best dad.

She, however, came out to burst his bubble with the following:

“If 13k in two years and four months is paying the bills then okay. By the way my son was 15 months old when I first received anything. He didn’t post Ayo till he was two years old. Never showed up for anything or called”

Wizkid in an attempt to save face posted this on twitter:

“There are two sides to every story”

His third Baby-mama, Jada Pollack who is conveniently on his managerial team commended him with an Instagram post. She posted a cute photo of Wizkid and her son with the following caption:

“Thank You’ For always being such an incredible Dad!! Ayo”

What do you think about her appraisal?

Convenient? Planned? Staged?

Or genuine?

Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments section below.




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