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Lady gives boyfriend ultimatum to propose after a 9-year Relationship


A story about a lady who gave her boyfriend of nine years a 6 months ultimatum to propose or risk losing her, is trending on social media as many people have reacted to the story, expressing their opinions as well.

Everyone dreams of settling down with the right one someday. Although many advise against rushing in to marriage, what would you do when the right one fails to pop the big question?
In the initial post, @thesylar_ tweeted: “My friend and his girl have been dating for 9 years now, he’s never proposed. Dude just called me, he’s been handed an ultimatum. She’s given him till June of this year to propose or she calls it quits. You can’t force a man to propose can you?”
The post went viral online immediately, generating different reactions from many people who thought she was right to want to walk away even though they felt one shouldn’t be forced to propose.

@redberrylady responded: “Yes you can’t force a man to propose but u can force him to come to his senses. It’s either we are in a committed relationship to each other as adults or that’s that. Everything and everyone has its limits.”
Another user, @Mhervv1 said: “9 years, c’mon he has to step up, that’s 6 years of secondary school and 3 years in university”
@KimiKouture lamented: “She’s not forcing him, she has every right to leave… That’s a LONG time to waste.. Women have a biological clock.. If she wants to leave & find someone else who wants the same things in life as she does it shouldn’t be a problem!”



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