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Did You Know Breakfast should be the largest Meal of the day?


Did you know that breakfast should be the largest meal of the day? The average worker or business owner typically skips breakfast and leverages on a large lunch and sometimes heavy dinners.

Even those that eat it always make it the smallest meal of the day. Typically, breakfast includes cereal, bread and a few slices of yam. It’s very common for Nigerians to exclaim. “You’re eating that early in the morning!” If only they knew that person was doing the right thing.

The benefits of eating breakfast spans across health, lifestyle and mental state. You will be shocked at how you have been doing your body a lot of disservice by skipping this food or by eating a small portion of it.

Here are the benefits of making breakfast the largest meal of the day:

1. You eat anything you want at a large size yet lose a lot of weight: Being overweight has been traced to increased risk of all the major diseases plaguing the world. From heart diseases, to diabetics, to cancer and to organ failure, being overweight puts an unfair strain on the body. By eating early you reduce the retention of sugar and carbs in your body. This is because the body burns food faster and quicker than during the day which limits weight add on.

2. It makes you charged up for work and day to day activities: Eating a large breakfast fuels your body for the day and increases productivity and mental power. Studies have shown that people that skipped breakfast performed sub-optimally at their day to day activities. It also digests faster and doesn’t slow you down during the day as opposed to eating larger meals in the afternoon or evening.

3. It’s reduces risk for depression or bad mood during the day: In a similar vein with charging you up for the day physically, eating a large breakfast in the morning also charges you up mentally. Hunger and an empty stomach have been linked to irritability and mood swings. A person with a stomach filled with food is less likely to have a lower spirit as compared to an hungry person patiently waiting for lunch time.

4. It increases mental capacity: Some research have shown that skipping breakfast just might have adverse effects on the brain. The brain uses a lot of energy and without the morning boost of a large breakfast you are literally starving it and in the long it can affect your mental health.

Now you have seen that breakfast should be the largest meal of the day. For workers I know it might be hard but it is important for your future life. Wake up a few minutes earlier and whip up something or add a breakfast budget and eat one before work starts!

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