Mobizone Campus Life reported yesterday that Amasa Firdaus was among the 1,562 Nigerian Law School Graduates for 2018. She was last year denied the opportunity of being called to the bar after she allegedly broke the dress code for the occasion with the Hijab she had on.


Her issue sparked up controversies across the nation and even resulted into a court case. However, the Nigerian Body of Benchers, the organization responsible for deciding the code of practice for the law profession agreed to let her wear her Hijab for the ceremony.

Firdaus Amasa

This resulted into mass jubilation in the Muslim community as many came out to say justice still prevails in the country. Amasa Firdaus was quizzed on how she felt about the whole ordeal. In her words to The Cable,

I don’t feel any special.”

“I feel grateful to my Lord. A Muslim will always be hopeful. It was not something I did myself. A lot of people were involved. I believe it is something that Allah has personally designed, I was just used as an instrument.

“A lot of people were in hijab. I feel grateful to Allah, it is not something I did. It is what Allah did Himself. I don’t feel any special. I just believe Allah decided to use me for it.”



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