The Ijaw National Congress, an umbrella union of all Ijaw youths worldwide have alleged that the members of the Joint Task Force and the Navy also engage heavily in oil bunker.

Speaking during a press briefing at Warri, Delta State on Saturday, President of IYC worldwide, Pereotubo Oweilaemi said it was unfortunate that the people that were supposed to be safe guarding the pipe lines are the one involved in the theft itself.

He said that the JTF is always pointing accusing fingers at the ordinary Niger Deltans of being involved in oil theft but really the JTF are actually the ones in the knowing of th e stealing of every drop of crude oil and other illegality ongoing in the region.

He further said that “It’s unfortunate that the Nigerian Navy, who is constitutionally saddled with the responsibility of looking after the waterways and arresting people involved in illegal oil bunkering are pointing accusing fingers to ordinary citizens who do not have what it takes to secure and police the waterways.

“The Navy’s responsibility is to ensure that there’s no illegal bunkering in our waterways. But I must tell you today that security agencies, particularly the JTF is part of illegal bunkering in Nigeria and the Niger Delta”.

“I have it on good authority that there’s no drop of oil that passes by in the Niger Delta without the JTF or Navy being in the know of it,”

Pereotubo further argued that the water ways was much peaceful and productive when Tompolo was manning it. He said the Navy and JTF are just collecting a lot of money from the government without doing enough to justify the investment.

Concluding his Statement, Pereotubo urged the government to give the contract of surveillance of pipelines back to Tompolo and urged the National Assembly to abort the bill on water regulation and petroleum information bill.

Even though the Commander, Nigerian Navy Ship (NNS DELTA), Commodore Joseph Dewu could not be reached as at the time of this report, he mentioned something a week before, that the navy will not relent its efforts against illegal operations on the waterways, advising those who seek to go into crude business to do so legally.

Do you think the JTF and the navy should be substituted for Tompolo, let the world hear your views




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