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Introduction: The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Printing Press Business In Nigeria


The world has turned to a digital and visual word more than anything lately, people want to see information in a colorful and artistic way, the era of just presenting things in its raw form is over, it is now the era of been creative and artistic about the presentation of your information.

For you to successfully present a lovely and artist information, you need to design and print it out in different sizes and shapes, this is where the printing press business comes in.  and if you are reading this article I believe you have an interest in exploring this very profitable business venture.

Before we dig into the guide, we need to talk a little about the industry, the printing business started around the 1920s in Nigeria and since then it has been evolving.

The printing industry is very vast with the following sections that you can focus on

  • Paper Print
  • Banner Print
  • Product Packaging
  • Souvenir print
  • Cloth printing
  • And new sections that are coming on daily

Myths About Printing Business

You need a lot of money to start it

Although if you want to start a printing business in a large way will spend a lot of money, that doesn’t mean you can’t start with any budget you have, there are a lot of printing places that will print for you at a subsidized price. That means you will still be able to get any job you get done with little or no stress.

The Business Is Only For People That Can Design

There are so many printers that cannot design anything, but, the twist to this is even if you can do graphic design, you must know a little about the sizes and formats of design, the basic knowledge.

Only Big Printing Press Make Profit

This is false, even though big printing press companies are getting a large share of the industry, there are also so many small and medium scale businesses that need printers that can print for them with their budget, therefore if you are not big enough, focus on the businesses that are not too big and as you are growing then upgrade.

In my next post on printing business in Nigeria, you will see a comprehensive market research that will propel you to start the business immediately.



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