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International Kissing Day: See 5 Health Benefits Of Kissing

Today 6th of July is the international kissing day around the world. Did you know that the longest kiss of all time lasted for as long as 58 hours between a Thai couple? kiss with joy today as you keep in mind these 5 health benefits of kissing.

1. Kissing boosts your immune system: Good bacterias are important for overall health. Studies have shown that over 700 good bacterias live in the human mouth and kissing helps to introduce new bacteria which in turn boosts your immune system.

2. Kissing helps the teeth health: Kissing encourages the production of saliva which helps the teeth to get rid of harmful materials which cause tooth decay and tooth problems.

3. Kissing lowers blood pressure and can help hypertensive patients: The lips contain blood vessels which dilate during the act and helps with blood flow. It causes the heart to race which makes blood flow better thereby reducing blood pressure.

4. Kissing slows down ageing: Studies have proven that increased blood flow stimulates the production of collagen which contributes to anti-ageing and improves the overall skin health.

5. Prolonged kissing improves sex drive: Kissing for long causes the release of testosterone into the bodies of the two parties involved. This is the hormone responsible for higher sex drive and better sex life among couples.

Amazing right? Kiss happily today and enjoy these numerous health benefits.

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