Ever wondered how that top student in your class reads? Curious to know the reading systems that work? Or just want to be in the know on how intelligent students read? Then this article will reveal to you, the four ways intelligent students read that brings results.

1. They read in their own way: A lot of students read in the way of their friends or peers. They try to read in a way that doesn’t naturally fit into their make-up and it results in a huge disaster. Intelligent students have identified their reading styles, they know how long they need to understand and they allocate it to themselves. Also Read: Five Academic Success Tips From Redeemer’s Uni Best Graduating Student


2. They read the easy subjects first and then go on to the tougher ones: Intelligent students know how the mind works and how reading something complex can destabilize your mind for a whole day. As a result, to cover more ground they read the areas that are majorly familiar to them and then move on to the harder ones. Also Read: Reasons Why Students “Blank Out” and How To Prevent It


3.They remove all forms of distractions, including friends: A lot of top students avoid reading with people as friends and fellow students can be really distracting. This, unfortunately, can distort or slow down the reading process. Also Read: Campus Friends You should Avoid Like A Plague


4. They follow a tight reading schedule: Most intelligent students read with a well-developed reading schedule. We wrote an article on creating a reading schedule that works, you can read it here: Developing A Reading Schedule That Works. 

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