Back in February this year, Instagram had reportedly started testing a new feature that notifies users about the viewers who have taken a screenshot of their publicly shared Instagram Stories.

While this wasn’t confirmed at that point in time, the Facebook-owned service has now issued a statement stating that the testing process is now officially over, and no one will be notified when a screenshot is taken in a publicly available story.

As per a report by BuzzFeed News, Instagram has released a statement confirming the end of this test. And, unlike what Snapchat currently offers, Instagram Stories will not get screenshot notifications, at least for now.

To recall, in its testing phase, the screenshot feature did not necessarily send out push notifications to the uploader and instead is said to have added a unique symbol in the viewer list in front of users who took part in the deed. This is contrary to Snapchat’s way of things as the Snap-owned app sends out a notification every time a screenshot is taken on a public or a private story.

Notably, screenshots are not new to Instagram’s interface. The image-sharing service currently notifies users when a screenshot is taken of images sent in a private Direct Message (DM)




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