The entrepreneurial world is so crowded with duplicated business ideas and people trying to make a difference. If you are reading this, you also want to create a space disrupting business or innovation. These are some industries you can explore for ideas to launch you in 2018.

3D Printing

The 3D market is projected to hit $4.5 billion in 2018, and it is really coming up. Firms have started developing innovative systems that combine 3D modelling, smartphones and 3D printers. Firms like Makielab, MakerBot, Modern meadow and others are working on kids toys, Space printers and building of different imaginable shapes. Get to learn how to do 3D designs and some other things that are value adding to the industry.

Alternative reality games

These are real-life games built around a digital framework where players use their physical space as a digital playground. Apps like facebook, check in and Foursquare encourages users to announce their arrival at various hotspots by gamifying their daily routine. The current market of gamification is at $421 million and is expected to jump to $5.5 billion before the end of the year. This is getting so many acceptances and it is a good industry.

Story telling

The social media is becoming a better way to get stuff out there, and a lot of people are using storytelling to get whatever they want people to know out. Sites like Branch and Storify are turning posts, tweets and pics into their story, creating richer and shareable content. You can use videos to get more people to see you and to get your products out. Sites like Youtube and Vimeo are making it easy for anyone to upload their video narratives. If story telling is your strong suit, now is the time to act on it.

Niche social media

Facebook and so many other social media sites are making it very easy for people to socialize on the internet and this has created a lot of opportunities in the industry. With people sharing everything online, connecting to others across social networks and privacy becoming gray area, data is becoming a huge market, especially for advertisers. You can do a lot with the social media, just get the best niche to go into and watch the cash roll in.

Wearable technology

Google Glass and Smart watches are on the forefront of wearable technology, there are also some other products like Basis to track your heart rate and to provide real-time suggestions on making your lifestyle just a little healthier, Human Media lab and co. Wearable technology is really developing every day.

Which industry will you like to enter? Drop a comment below.



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