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Few Important Things to Note Regarding Jummah Prayer


Few Important Things to Note Regarding Jummah Prayer

Happy jummah brothers and sisters in Islam. Friday is the most beautiful of all days in Islam just as the jummah is a special prayer. And as we prepare to go for today’s jummah prayers and subsequent ones, here are few things to note.

A few rules concerning jummah prayers:

• It is permissible for a person, who is exempted from jummah prayers, and for whom presence in jummah prayers is not obligatory, to hasten for Zuhr prayers in the early part of its time.

• It is Makrooh to talk while Imam delivers the sermon. And if the noise created by talking prevents others from listening to the sermon, then it is haraam, regardless of whether the attendance is the minimum required or more.

• As an obligatory precaution, it is wajib to listen to both the sermons. However, listening to the sermons is not obligatory upon those, who do not understand their meanings.

• The second Adhan on Friday is an innovation. And it is the same Adhan which is usually called the third Adhan.

• It is not obligatory for a person wishing to join jummah Salat to be present while Imam is delivering the sermon.

• Conducting purchase and sale at the time when people are called to jummah prayers is haraam, if it hinders the prayers, and not if it does not hinder. And inspite of it being haraam, the transaction done would not be void.

• When it was obligatory for a person to be present in jummah prayers and he abandoned it, and offered Zuhr prayers, his prayers would be in order.

Credit: https://www.al-islam.org/islamic-laws-ayatullah-ali-al-husayni-al-sistani/rules-salat-part-i-iii



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