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Why You Should Think About Packaging Local Products


Habib Youghurt being re-packaged[/caption] A typical example is Habib Youghurt, a firm that re-brands Youghurt and Fura Milk, now has a lot of branches across Nigeria. They sell and re-packaged Fura milk which are similarly bought from the Hausa people on the street and this is one area which they are well known for. They do not only re-package Fura, they have online presence and people can checkk and order online. There are lot of small business owners who creates the goods and services themselves. The idea should now be beyond just sewing clothes to meet daily needs. If you are a service provider, it is high time you started adding uniqueness to your product presentation and service delivery. A fashion designer should have a branded packaging nylon with business name and contact details to customers. It doesn’t stop there, endeavour to advance beyond your traditional market and explore online resources such as the Social Media to get your business out there. Packaging gives you an opportunity to delve into business opportunities meant for the locals and re-brand to suit all customers. There are lots of local businesses out there which looks dirty but are raking in money for the owners. Also, there are lots of goods the working class would love to consume but for the way it is being presented, it’s limiting them. These are areas of business opportunities one can tap into to make cool cash]]>

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