There have been a lot of excitements online after the release of Instagram’s latest TV app which allows users upload videos whose length is more than the traditional one minute on the platform. However, not everyone understands how it works and therefore this article will put users through on how to use of IGTV.

IGTV has been launched as a standalone app, but also comes with a button on the original Instagram app. There is a bit of similarities between IGTV and Google owned Youtube. Apart from it spotlighting original content from celebrities, regular users can upload their own videos.


– Either update to the latest version of Instagram on Google Play Store (Android) or ios App Store
– For Updated version of Instagram, access IGTV from a TV-shaped icon in the top-right corner of your Instagram home screen
– Press the icon, it takes you to a navigation screen that features a search bar and four different categories: For You, Following, Popular, and Continue Watching.
– Swipe right to navigate through videos recommended to you based on who you already follow
– Swipe down, and IGTV will continue playing the currently selected video

Creating Your Video

– You can create your own IGTV channel.
– You can access it by clicking on your profile picture in the main IGTV screen.
– You can upload content from your video library.
– As reported, your first set of videos can be a maximum of 10 minutes. It gets longer when your channel becoes more prominent

But CEO Kevin Systrom told The Verge that the goal is for everyone, eventually, to be able to post unlimited videos. Although there will be no ads at first, it’s possible they’ll be added as IGTV grows in scope.

Playing the Video
According to an Instagram press release, videos play in full-screen and portrait mode to mirror “how you actually use your phone” — meaning all videos are vertical. The press release also notes that you can like, comment on, and send videos to your friends.




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