AU students rapidly run out of cash due to the absence of bank branches within the campus. Insufficient numbers of ATMs-which quickly run out of cash-and faulty cash machines means many students are forced to leave the school campus, possibly travel miles, just to acquire some money to spend.

Most Students at Adeleke University are disappointed and unhappy about the lack of bank branches. The inability to use money at the right time is clearly affecting both the social and academic life of AU students.

Many students complain of not having money to purchase a particular item when it is most needed or the lack of money for travel expenses. Students find it very difficult to plan their spending while in school. It is not unusual to find students at Adeleke University in debt to other fellow students.

It is also not unusual to meet a very long queue at the few ATMs present in the school. A student can spend up to 2 hours standing in line just to get access to an ATM. It is surprising that AU has not rectified these problems. The rising popularity of online banking and smartphone banking apps is no excuse for these dilemmas.

The absence of a SINGLE bank branch has forced students to bank online in an environment with poor internet connectivity. In fact, there have been several instances of nearly the whole student body literally running out of money due to lack of money in the ATMs for weeks.

The poor financial services at AU has made life more difficult for every student, especially those who live far away from the institution. The school promises to solve these problems soon.



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