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Do you know that guy or have that one friend who seems to be effortlessly irresistible to women? You can’t place a finger on it. He is one of those guys that is never single. He always has at least two serious relationships in his life and a host of others who know about it but do not care so as long as they get to be with him. If you are curious about this and want to know how to be irresistible to women then keep reading this.

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How To Be Irresistible To Women

1.High Self Confidence:

Not many men are aware of the magic that is self-confidence. It truncates looks and can move you from zero to hero when it comes to relating to women. Women are moved by what they hear. How you speak and act to them greatly affects how they feel about you. Next time you meet a woman you are interested in, talk to her with confidence. Do not give her the impression that you are intimidated by her, rather let it be the other way round. Do note however that there is a thin line between being confident and being rude or arrogant. Teddy A is a very self-confident perosn and it’s no wonder that Bam Bam who did not originally see him as her kind of guy, fell for him.

Irresistible to women

2.Great sense of dressing and presentation:

Before she hears a word you say, she can already predict the kind of person that you are not by how you look but how you are dressed. A well-dressed man would catch and keep the attention of most ladies. You have to look clean, look neat and even smell good. It greatly doubles her chances of liking you. Girls do not like men that look shabbily and dress like they came out of the 70’s. Look good and women would notice you.Check out Teddy A.

Irresistible to women

3.Be Ambitious:

One major thing that women think of when picking a man is “Can he take care of me?” If he can’t “With his attitude, can he eventually become someone that will take care of me?” Yes, women want a rich man, and a lot of the wife-able ones are willing to grow with a man provided he has feasible plans and a strong drive. Women will quickly lose interest in you when they ask about what you do and you reply with nothing concrete.

Irresistible to women

4.Mystery and Unavailability:

This works both ways and is a human characteristic. Everyone is attracted to something that is not too much in their face and feels like they can have it easily. Do not give her the impression that you want her just yet. Be mysterious about your intentions. Get to know her and make her wonder what you want. Act like you have options and you are not necessarily searching. She will start to wonder why you aren’t asking her out and then she’ll start to want you and need you and voila you’ll have her just right in your arms.

5.Decisive and Slightly Authoritative:

Every woman silently craves for a man that can command respect from everyone around him including her. She wants a man that can make decisions on his own without being influenced. Once you let her control you, her attraction to you dwindles. She wants a man that can tell her when she’s right or wrong in the most matured way without being rude or overly emotional. Once you let your feeling for her cloud the way you think and relate, you would start acting unreasonably. Which will result in you accepting all her wrongdoings and allowing her walkover you which unfortunately makes you become quickly unattractive.

Irresistible to women


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