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How To Hook A Man The Way Chioma Hooked Davido


The month of May can be aptly said to be the love season as following 2017 May’s reveal of the Banky W and Adesua’s engagement we have been exposed to another in 2018. Successful artist Davido has over the past few days showed the world just how much Chioma has hooked him.

We recently discovered an up close and personal vlog with him and interviewd a few people who were pivotal to creating this article. As a result, we can give you the expo on how to hook a man the way Chioma hooked Davido.

Be a great cook: We disocvered that Chioma aka TheChefChi is actaully a trianed chef and practices catering professionally. If you go through her instagram you will see amazing pictures of the varities of food she can make. Davido stated that one of the reason why he loves Chioma is because she is a great cook and she cooks for every living soul in the house including his gateman! Ladies off to catering school!

Be humble: He talked a lot of about how humble she is and how soft spirited she is. he said she actaully served everyone by herself, even the cleaners and the gateman – by herself!

Be respectful: Even in the videos, we could see how respectful she was and how she followed him like a cultured wife. She was even seen using a hankerchief to wipe the sweat off his forehead whilst he spoke.

Be private and lowkey: It no news that most men do not like women that are all over the place and seem to be all-access tickets to anything and anyone. And obviously, a celebrity like Davido will definately not want a girfiend that is too loud. He happily stated that she is not vain as she doesn’t like Instagram and he is always begging her to post pictures. Going to her Instagram page we can aptly confirm this as there is no single picture of her, only her food.

Be well packaged and classy: Chioma isn’t the most beautiful girl, neither is she the hottest, but from the intimate vlog and the few videos and pictures we can see that she has a well packaged and classy aura aroungd her.

Davido bought the young lady a Porshe which is valued at 45 million Naira and he released a song on her birthday called “assurance” where he expressed his love for her and she was used as the vixen in the video. She is reportedly a Babcock University undergraduate and has been dating Davido for more than 5 years.



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