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Here’s Why You Should Use Your Fingers To Apply Foundation


Most ladies typically apply foundation on their faces with a brush or sponge. But do you know that applying your foundation with your hands works better and is cheaper in the long run? Continue reading to find out reasons why you should use your fingers to apply foundation.

  1. It gives you a natural look: Using your fingers gives the same effect as massaging a body lotion into your skin. It allows your skin to absorb it and it gives it a more natural finish.
  2. It prolongs the use of your foundation: The brushes and sponge absorb a reasonable amount of the foundation and with consistent use, over time it reduces by a large margin the contents of the foundation tube or bottle. Fingers help you to use more.
  3. It is more hygienic: As long as you ensure you wash your hands before use, using your fingers is more hygienic. The average female doesn’t have enough time to wash her brush daily. Some even wash ones a month. These brushes and sponges absorb dirt residue and can over time cause acne.
  4. It is easier to apply: It is as simple as applying cream and even more amazingly it allows you to reach all areas which might not be convenient for a brush. Places like corner, hollows and under the eyes.

So what are you waiting for! Ditch the brushes and sponges and try out a more natural approach to wearing your foundation, use your fingers to apply foundation!



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