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Help! She Wrecked Me From 3 Million To 2K but I Still Love Her


Dear Faith,

She hurt me but I still love her. I dated this girl for over one year and recently broke up with her last week. She is beautiful, smart and everything a guy would want in a girl. We started dating last year but started out as friends with benefits. She got emotional and complained about it not being her thing and painted a picture of me forcing her. I felt bad about it and decided to take the relationship to the next level. Three months later everything went sore as she began to act unruly and said things that came off as wrong. She hates phone calls and likes only text messages. It was hard dating her for one year without calling her but I loved her.

She was a final year student and made me do all her assignments and school projects. I sent her money weekly and even to her friends. Every time we went out she was always accompanied by her friends and sometimes family members and I took care of all costs. She rarely paid attention to me when we were together except for when it was time to get intimate. I didn’t see anything wrong with all these till she started insulting me daily and I noticed that some periods I won’t hear from her. Eventually, last two weeks she finally admitted that she was tired of the relationship and wasn’t needing my love anymore.

I still love her so much as I’ve invested my life and money into her. I used all my life savings on her. Bought her an iPhone twice and several expensive perfumes, clothes, hair and make-up products. Before we started dating I had over 3 million Naira and now have barely 2,000 Naira in my account. Everyone is telling me to collect some of the things I bought or leave her alone. I don’t want to leave her. I still love her. What do you think?

Dear Poster

Hmmm. This is really heartbreaking. But your family and friends are right, LEAVE HER ALONE. She clearly was using you for monetary benefits and doesn’t have your best interest at heart. How can a woman collect so much from you without bringing value? How can she break up with you after so many investments and love?. From the look of things, you gave her your all, so I’d advise that you stay away. Anyone worth keeping wouldn’t leave.

I’ll like to throw this open to our readers, what do you think about this? Comment your thoughts below.



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