If Only Hazard Could be as Ruthless as Salah

No one could have predicted nine months ago that Liverpool’s new signing Mohammed Salah would become one the most outstanding players in Europe this season not to talk of being on the verge of lining up alongside players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi in the tussle to win the next Balon d’or.

If at all you would choose any player from the Premier League, majority might have mentioned Chelsea’s playmaker, Eden  Hazard who has been in outstanding form for his club in the past two seasons. You can only predict him getting better season after season.

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Hazard’s best season with Chelsea remained 2014/15 when he won the PFA Player of the year after leading his team to winning the league under Jose Mourinho. If we could recall, Hazard contributed just 14 league goals and the fans were over the moon. Although, he improved his goals scoring last season under Antonio Conte but with insignificant difference, scoring 16 league goals. There is no point addressing his goals in Champions League as it is obviously nothing to write about considering what other top players are scoring.

However, there have been a lot of comparison between him and top players such as Messi and Ronaldo, not justifiable when you consider personal accolades. Hazard is a very fantastic player but has not been consistent and have done just little to be considered top top players. Ronaldo and Messi have set a standard for players and it seems Mo Salah is on the right path.

Free from unnecessary hypes, Mo Salah has shown the world he could be a top player with consistent performance but in the domestic league and also in Europe. It doesn’t stop there, he was instrumental to Egypt’s qualification to summer World Cup in Russia. His recent achievement as the PFA Player of the year is well justified by a string of wonderful performances. His performance did not just come in one season at Liverpool, he actually didn’t do bad at Roma last season, nurturing 19 goals in all competition and improving in well competitive English Premier League deserves credit

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Fans would nowadays conveniently agree Salah is better than Hazard.



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