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Happy Father’s Day: The Weighty Words She Said

We stood right in front of the church. I noticed she had not been herself for a while. I asked questions. Then suddenly, she burst into tears and said:

“Instead of my mother, I wish it was my father that died.”

I still cannot forget that moment-those words. I was thrown back. I am not sure I even remembered what I said to encourage her as she cried.

Can I talk to fathers including myself?

A true father is not just alive- he is available.

He must be available to lead. He is the priest. His children must see him pray. They must see him studying the word.They must see him pass tests of character. They must see him love their mother.

Do not fail as a father and turn around to say, ‘Is what they teach you in your church or school?’. How is the church and school in your house too sir?’.

A father is not just one part of the family, he is the head who must impact.

What makes a father is not the ability to have the children run and hide when you are aroundwhen at the same time they cannot run into your arms when they need someone to lean on.

Fatherhood is not dictatorship. It is knowing the way, going the way and showing the way.

Fatherhood is picking the prompt, plans and promises of God for each member of your household so you can shoot each arrow in the right direction.

Abraham picked God’s plan ahead. Isaac blessed Jacob.Jacob gave prophetic direction to the Patriachs.

What can you see?


Culled from daily write ups of Pastor Temi Ola of The Eagles Assembly.

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