Stress is a common word that is not only common but known to be one of the factors that lead to lack of productivity. Stress reduces everything good about a person or an organisation.

As a business owner, you have to know how to keep stress at bay and keep happiness on a high level because that will go a long way in helping you.

Most times what causes stress is worry which most times is not as bad as it seems, therefore to make sure stress is reduced read up the following tips and follow them through.

Worry Is Not What It Seems

85% of the stuff we worry about never actually happens, and if they actually happen you are most likely going to be able to handle anything that happens. Therefore all you need to know is worry will always blow a situation out of proportion and causes stress, you are the one that needs to make sure it doesn’t stress you out.

Social Relationship Will Go A Long Way To Relieve Stress

People with good social relationships always find it easy to relieve themselves of stress, and they have 50% lower risk of mortality. You need to know that people who hold on to stress are less healthy 10 years later than people who let worries slide off them.

Activities That Beat Stress

Listening to music, exercising or walking, going online, watching Tv or Movies, reading helps a lot to reduce stress level.

You can also get a massage coupled with meditation and smiling, yes smiling.


People that laugh a lot are most times less stressed; because it increases endorphins released by the brain, soothes tension in the body, and cools stress response.

Therefore make sure you add more humour to your day

Always get more moving, do more exercise and always stroll around, this makes your brain active and dispels stress every time.

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