To maximise your social media presence it is often the case that social media managers need strict, specific daily routines. These routines can often be blown out of the water within just a few weeks.
New technology is created, or old platforms evolve and cause a whole new set of headaches for you. How do you keep on top of these new demands and requirements? It’s simple. You update your daily routine so that you are always on top of what needs to be done
– Resolve Issues with Urgency
Customer service has exploded on social media so it really should be the one thing that you take care of before anything else is attempted or even mentioned. Any unresolved issues should be taken care of as a matter of urgency at the start of every day. This is not a suggestion. It’s a fact
– Identify and Utilize Brand Mentions
This is still one of the most important aspects of social media management. Anyone who has any responsibility in their company should be right on top of this. It is vital that you keep a strong ear on all your channels for anything that is related to your brand. On Facebook, your brand may not even be tagged or directly spoken about, but it could be mentioned. If you’re not there to listen you miss out on a great opportunity to build brand loyalty.
Responding to any kind of mention anywhere shows that you are listening and you care about what people think about the brand you have built. Make this a priority and one of the very first things you do every day. Trawl your channels for any mentions from your audience. If you find one, respond if it is appropriate. By doing this you seem alive and in control of social. Most importantly it shows you caring about your audience.
– Keeping Brand Profiles Updated
Whether you or your team are posting to the various social media networks you are part of, you need to ensure that you are posting and updating at an appropriate pace every day. The number of times you post has been hotly debated for about a million years now.
Ideally, you would analyse each of your profiles to find your own optimal posting frequency. Locowise makes this quick and easy for you. We do the data crunching and present you the simple facts and suggestions on how many times you should post and when. Explore Locowise now.
What about if you don’t have the option to analyse your own profiles? There are some general guidelines for post frequency that, if you follow them, you won’t go wrong with.
On Twitter, you should be expecting to post six to nine times a day now. That’s a healthy amount without seeming like some used car salesman who needs more leads.
On Facebook head for the once or twice a day limit. This is perfect for Facebook and allows you to still spend time there engaging with your audience in other ways.
– Find the Right Contents
This is still as important as it ever was. Your job on social is to start or join in on a conversation and show some expertise when doing so. That means finding content that your audience will be interested in.
Curation of content is only ever going to get bigger and more involving as platforms expand and update. You need to be able to do this as a matter of course. Spend at least fifteen minutes every day surfing the Web and your newsfeeds so that you can find content your audience will be interested in.
– Find and Help People
If you’ve scheduled content and you’ve squashed any sparks that could have turned into fires, it’s time to start searching for keywords so you can jump in on conversations that are relevant to you.
By searching on social media you will find conversations that should be relevant to your brand and offering. If you work hard at this (but not for too long) you should find a spot where you can jump in and offer some advice or a link that helps the people who are talking about the stuff that you have knowledge.
Social media is all about communicating (funny that) and if you find new conversations to be part of you can start spreading your expertise. People like to be helped. If you have found someone to help it feels particularly satisfying. And it means you are using social media in the way it was originally intended.
Just don’t spend more than ten minutes every day on this part of your routine. You can get bogged down. And it can be quite addictive. Just have a quick cast around and pretty soon you will find something you can add to.



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