Breathe. Relax. You are here because you are panicking and losing your mind over your last semester results. Your dreams of getting a 2:1 or first class seems to be slipping away and you are looking for a way out.

The first thing you need to know is irrespective of how bad your 100 level results are you can still work towards a 2:1 or first class with the application of the following tips. In some cases a 2:1 will be the best bet while in some a first class can still be possible.

However, if you follow these tips judiciously you will graduate with at least a 2:1.

Let’s get into it!

1. Throw out all the negativity and pessimism and believe you can you do it: If you do not believe you can get a 2:1 or a first class everything listed here will be fruitless. This is because it is your belief that will make you work hard. It is your belief that will make you wake up in the night to read. It is your belief that will make you try harder than normal. So believe that this will work for you and you will not be tensed or have unnecessary blank outs or write rubbish in the exam hall. Most first-class students are actually very calm as they strongly believe in their abilities. I did and it helped me.

2. Change your friends: Your friends are most likely are the reasons for your grades. As a first class graduate, I can tell you that a large part of my success can be traced to my supportive, focused and ambitious friends. The quality of your friends greatly improves your grades. A coursemate of mine who started really badly in 100 level and 200l, changed his friends and started moving with my crew, by the end of 400 level he moved up to a strong 2:1 from a very low second class lower. This is because he read with us, rubbed minds with us and in the process, it improved his reading style and his questions answering style.

3. Analyse the courses you did badly in with the input of students who did well in them: You need to understand why you failed the courses you failed. Was it because you didn’t write the answers well? Was it because you didn’t understand the question? Was it because you made a mistake? Was it because the stories were too long? The answers to these questions will help you know how best to answer questions in class and to know what each lecturer wants. This is because you will most likely meet those same lecturers again. It could also be your illegible handwriting. Can people read your writing?

4. Strategize in Your Reading and Courses Priority: There is a reason that some courses have more units than others. Do not make the mistake of thinking the university is like secondary school where each course carries the same weight. Some course are 4 units and getting anything less than a B in them will be a total disaster. Simply put, an A in a 4 unit course is equal to 4 A’s in 1 units courses or 2 A’s in 2 units courses or 3 B’s in 2 units courses. Ensure that you do extremely well in courses with higher units as they will greatly accelerate your CGPA.

5. Do ALL your assignments and TESTs well and ensure to scan through your notes after every class: A lot of students make the mistake of being lackadaisical about tests and assignments and the truth is, these are your best shots at getting an A. They are also your saving grace for blank outs and bad exam results. If you do badly in tests and assignments what do you fall back on when the exams go wrong? Also, ensure to scan through your notes after every class. I am not saying you should read them like you are reading for an exam or a test, but go through them like you are reading a novel or a post on social media so as to get familiar with it. It helps you with understanding and quicker reading when it is time for exams.

6. Also, read in the right way: Most times you are not doing well academically because you have a bad reading pattern. I have written a detailed article on how intelligent students read. Read it here: How Intelligent Students Read.

What do you think about the above? Do you have more tips for students who started badly and are looking for how to improve? Leave your views in the comments section below.



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