Gmail for Android Update Lets You Customize Swipe Actions to Delete, Snooze

In a recent update, Google is giving users some new options for customizing in-app actions. Gmail first added a swipe gesture a while back which gave users the ability to quickly archive emails in their inbox. Sadly, though, that and deleting were the only options. In version 8.5.20 of the Gmail app for Android, though, Google is giving users the ability to customize that swipe gesture with up to two actions.

In Gmail’s general settings, users can select a custom action for a left swipe and a right swipe. By default these are both set to archive, but you can easily change that to any of the following options:

Mark as Read/Unread
Move to

You’ll need to be on Gmail 8.5.20 to use this new functionality, but it’s still a server-side change so it might not be live right away. Regardless, this definitely looks like a handy option to have and should make managing your inbox much easier.



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