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Frequently Asked Question

MobiGames Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I register for Mobigames?
A: Go to and click on “Log in”. On the Log In page you’ll see a “Register” option where you can fill in your details.

Q: How can I start playing MobiGames?
A: Once you have registered, you have to TOP UP your account with money which will be used in playing your favorite games. The money which is loaded onto your account will be yours to use whenever you want to play.

Q: How much can I pay into my Mobigames Account?
A: The minimum you can pay into your MobiGames account is N1000 and the minimum amount you can Cashout is N2,000. That means if you have not gotten up to N2,000 in your Mobizone account from your game wins, you cannot withdraw.

Chop Monie FAQs

Q: How do I Play Chop Monie?
Select Chop Monie on the MobiGames page, answer the questions and indicate how many tickets you are buying. The amount for the tickets will be deducted from your MobiGames Account Balance.

Q: How do I win with Chop Monie?
A: You can win from Chop Monie when your number is randomly selected in any of our draws. The draws are held every Wednesday & Saturday.

Q: How do I get my money when I win?
A: When you win, your money will be credited into your MobiGames account and you can make withdrawals at your own convenience. The minimum balance for withdrawals is N2,000.

Q: How many people can win Chop Monie?
A: There can only be one winner per draw. That means 2 winners per week; one on Wednesday and another on Saturday.

Predict & Win FAQs

Q: How can I play Predict & Win?
A: There are 6 games on Predict & Win selected each week. You have to predict the winner/draw for 4 of the games and the goal margin for the next two games.

Q: What is the meaning of goal margin?
A: Goal Margin means the number of goals by which the winner leads the loser. For example, if Arsenal beats Manchester United 3-1, the difference is 2 goals, hence the winning option will be “Arsenal (2 goal margin)”.

Q: How does the consolation prize work?
A: If you play with N500 and get 5 predictions correct out of 6, you are entitled to a consolation prize of N1,500. Consolation prizes are subjected to periodic review.

Q: How much do I get if I get all 6 games correct?
A: The star prize is done according to the amount you played with. Hence;
N100 – N5,000
N200 – N10,000
N300 – N15,000
N400 – N20,000
N500 – N25,000
N1000 – N50,000

Q: Can I select my own games?
A: No. You can only make predictions on the games selected for the week.

Q: Please send me game.
A: We are not a betting side and we do not send betting codes or fixed games to people. You can only play the selected games on our website if you need to win money.

Trivia FAQs

Q: How do I play Trivia?
A: To play Trivia, you have to load money onto your MobiGames account and select the trivia category you want to play. We have Entertainment, Sports & Current Affairs.

Q: How much can I use to play Trivia?
A: Trivia games have a standard price of N100 per game.

Q: How many questions do I have to answer during Trivia game?
A: Each game of Trivia has 5 questions which you have to answer correctly within the allocated time.

Q: How do I get paid from Trivia?
A: For each game you win, you gain N200 which will be added to your MobiGames account balance.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to call our hot line: 09037147857

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