Amidst speculations of court file levied by G-Worldwide against Kiss Daniels regard contract breach and copyright infringement, the solicitor of the YEBA crooner has informed the public that such injuction was not granted by the Lagos Federal High Court.
Recall, G-Worldwide, the record label under which Kiss Daniel was operating before going solo last month made a publication yesterday, stating that the Federal High Court in Lagos had ordered Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe to stop using the stage name “Kiss Daniel” for shows or any other deals as this name is the sole right of the record label which the singer signed for in 2013.
See Statement below:
“They branded G-Worldwide’s publication as laughable and urged the general public to disregard any publication made by the record label having to do with their clients.
The statement read thus: We are solicitors to Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe (Kiss Daniel) our attention has been drawn to the unfortunate publication by G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd currently circulating on social media in respect of the exit of our client from G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd.
It has been said that “A lie unchallenged becomes the truth.” In view of the above, we wish to say as follows on behalf of our client: The Federal High Court sitting in Lagos denied and refused G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd.’s application for injunction restraining our client from performing, recording or using the stage name “Kiss Daniel.”
In other words, the court refused to grant any order of injunction to restrain or prevent Kiss Daniel from performing, recording or using the stage name “Kiss Daniel” as requested by G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd.
This application for injunction was surreptitiously and secretly filed without notice to our client but the court saw through the deceit and refused the application. Kiss Daniel formally terminated his contract with G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd via a letter dated 30th of October, 2017.
The termination was done in compliance with the provisions of the Recording Contract between the parties. On 31st of October 2017, our client filed a law suit against G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd at the Lagos State High Court and G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd has already entered its appearance and file its defence/objection to the said suit.
It took G-Worldwide Entertainment almost a month after our client had sued of the Lagos State High Court before G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd deemed it fit to file the present suit, which is yet to be served on our client up till now. With regards to the name “Kiss Daniel”, our client was already using the combination of the stage name “Kiss” long before he ever met G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd.
The addition of “Daniel” (which is his middle name) was at his instance. It is therefore, laughable and unbelievable that G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd will purportedly claim to own or have dashed our client his own middle name. The status quo under the contract between the parties as at the date G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd filed its suit was that our client is no longer signed to G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd since the termination was done a month earlier.
Therefore, our client shall obey and comply with that status quo as directed by the court, it is a common principle of law that no court will stop an act which has already been completed. For the avoidance of doubt, we reiterate that the Federal High Court sitting in Lagos did not grant any injunction against our client, rather the court refused the application of G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd, for an injunction to restrain our client from performing, recording or using the stage name Kiss Daniel.”



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