This business entails the planting, buying and selling flowers to people, this industry is coming very fast because Nigerians are accepting the use of fresh flowers more than the synthetic flower designs.

This business is often overlooked in this Nigeria because people do not place much importance on it, but the opposite is the case now in Nigeria.

Pros Of Doing A Business

Multi-purpose Product

A lot of people use flowers to do different things, some people use it to beautify their environment, agencies use it to beautify their environment

Flowers are also used in weddings, burials, and parties and other venues of events to make it look beautiful and to have this fresh feeling.

The Market Is Not Saturated

The market is still growing in Nigeria and it has a high level of growth rate. So many people have not gotten the hold on how to commercialize this industry fully, which is where you come in.

There Are A Lot Of Options In The Industry

You can choose to grow flowers, sell or even design. You have to decide where you can work best.

Requirement For The Business


This is very important, passion is very important for you to go far in this industry, people must be able to see that you really like beautifying things, this will also help you to be more creative than the average flower seller or designer.

Land At A Vantage Point

If you are planning to go into the planting of flowers, you need to get land in a place where a lot of people can see your flowers grow, this is an advertisement on its own.

Know Flowers

Get to know all the species of flowers that are available to you and the ones you can grow in your environment.  In case you can’t plant a flower and you do not want to go deep into learning about flowers, you can just buy and sell at a shop where people that will be interested will be able to see. You can also sell online

Get A Market To Sell

You can market your product both online and physically. You need to know what you want to use or how you want to combine it. Recently online platforms have proved more helpful and it comes to marketing things like flowers and event materials.

Extra Tip

You can also partner with an event management agency or freelancer that will definitely be requesting for your service everytime they get an event to manage.


This industry needs more serious investors, you can be one of them. Make your name known before the industry gets saturated.



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