Michael Agbojo, a former school drop out has emerged best graduating student in Babcock. He graduated with a 4.97 CGPA in Christian Religious Studies and narrated the stormy road that led him to where he is today.

Before attending Babcock, Michael was previously a student of LeadCity University where he was studying Computer/Electronic engineering. Unfortunately, financial crises resulted in him dropping out as he revealed that his parents got involved in an unfortunate partnership which affected them financially.

Shortly after leaving Lead City, he went into rap music. He started out as a clean rapper, avoiding the use of vulgar words but the pressures of the industry got to him and he switched to being a secular rapper.

The turning point in his life came went he visited his parents home in Ijebu Ode. There was an ongoing 14-days programme and the style of preaching on the first day caught his attention.

In his words,

“I went into my room, dropped my bag and entered the church. I could have just closed up my mind and just let the preachers make their usual noise. But something caught my attention and, for the first time, I saw a bible study session accompanied with illustrations. The preacher was illustrating all he was saying with beautiful pictures, logical arguments and most importantly, biblical facts.”

He eventually stayed for the entire programme which resulted in him giving his life to Christ. Afterwards, he pursued the will of God and felt led to pursue ministry full time which resulted in him enrolling into Babcock University to study Christian Religious Studies.

He accounts that the reactions of his friends weren’t encouraging as one of them even used the phrase “bomb dey your head” but still, he went through with his dreams.

He eventually graduated this year as the overall best graduating student. Congrats to him!

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