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How to Format Android Phone – No Computer, No Software Required


How to Format Android Phone with No Computer, No Software Required. With the help of hard reset, you will get things done

Attimes, not until you are faced with a pressing challenge that would give rise for the need to learn new things. My Android Phone (Infinix Hot 3) all of a sudden restarted, and upon restart, I notice it was installing some updates which of cousre should not take more than 10 minutes (max).

Ordinarily, after installing, it would restart and take you back to the normal Android interface to do whatever you have to do with your phone. Surprisingly, after restarting, it started installing another sets of updates and goes on and on and on like that. Initially, I was thinking maybe there was alot of updates from Google, but No,the issue was my phone memory was full and the installed updates could not be stored on the phone.

Even after restarting, I could not gain access to my interface, it was then I knew, hmm, I up for it, which means I will have to visit an engineer to Flash or Format, whatever it is that they do. And of course, you will shell out some money for that.

Then I told someone, who had similar experience and was able to resolve by himself. To cut the story short, you may find yourself in desperate need to flash or format your Android phone. See the steps below:

Step 1: Remove your Sim and Memory card

Step 2: Hold down Power and Volume Up button (it will take you to a Black MSDOS interface with options)

Step 3: Use Volume Up, Volume Down to navigate up and down

Step 4: Select Wipe Data

Wait for a moment, your phone will reboot and by the time it loads up, it will seem as if you just bought the phone. Set up your phone and enjoy.

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