Our country Nigeria is home to many dishes both weird, welcoming , enticing and sometimes confusing dishes. At the same time, there are some that beautifully stand out from others. The ofada stew is one of them. The tasty, fully garnished sauce for the rice gives us a savoury taste and don’t stop asking for more.


Ayamanse is another name for Ofada stew..Anyone who thinks otherwise about the Ofada stew is clearly not a Nigerian. In the light of this, here are steps on how to make Ofada stew.


1 cup of palm oil – roughly
6 -7 pieces of green bell pepper – basically green tatashe
3 pieces of ata rodo – scotch bonnet/habanero pepper
2 wraps of Iru – fermented locust beans
3 – 4 cups or more of chopped assorted meats
Beef Stock
Seasoning Cube
1 large onion
1 cooking spoon of ground crayfish

Video Source: JustEnny



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