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5 Warning Signs Your Relationship Is Over


There is nothing as painful as being with a lover who treats you like you are not needed. You feel them slipping away daily and you panic as you wonder why they are acting differently.

You’re considering the years you have spent toiling and investing in making it work and quitting just seems like the hardest thing to do. Except, sometimes, it is the best thing to do.

Today we will be examining 5 warning signs your relationship is over. Have you been looking for a light at the end of that tunnel of confusion? Then this is it.

1. They have verbally told you that they are no longer interested: You heard well. It wasn’t a mistake. It was a reflection of their thoughts especially if they have been consistently treating you bad in the past. Once they can verbally admit it please quit.

2. They dodge spending time with you and rarely communicate with you even in their free periods: A person in love with you will want to talk with you often. They will look forward to being with you and if they are dodging or ignoring you then it’s clear that their heart is no longer with you.

3. When they finally agree to be with you, they seem distracted: Is your lover always on the phone when they are around you? Are they always trying to recall your last phrase? Is there a dead silence when you both are together? Then it is likely that they are tired of being with you and are only tolerating you because of benefits.

4. They seem to be on an edge whenever they are around you: One thing about a lover that is tired is that they are always touchy and snappy. The little things that never used to matter start becoming issues and you wonder what exactly it was that you did.

5. They start comparing you to other people or their exes: Once your lover starts talking about how better their ex was, start thinking of the way out. Once they start making references to other people you then should know that they are no longer seeing you in the right light.

I know it’s hard. You love that person but if you stay with someone who is tired of you, the rest of your life will be a living hell. So many things come into play when people who are tired stay with you. They might stay because they are getting benefits across physical, financial and societal aspects of life. It is important to look out for your happiness. It will be hard to move on, but living with them forever or getting dumped at a later stage is even worse.



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