People spend on car for different purposes. While some get fancy cars to ride and oppress on the street, others purchase cars for commercial purposes.
In Lagos especially, transportation is one of the major issues militating against our daily productive activities. Workers had to wake early to catch up with bus in order not to run late and public transport owners are raking in alot of money from price discrimination because of high demand.
Transportatiin is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria especially in city areas. It is one of the business that is worth taking a loan for.
Lets focus on the various ways we can make money from transportation.
5. Mini Shuttle:
If you are a worker and you have been battling with transport problems on a daily basis, it’s time for you to wake up. If you calculate the money you spend on tfare on weekly basis and multiply that with 12 months, you will understand what I am talking about.
If you earn a decent salary, say N120k above, its high time you started saving. Getting a used car shouldn’t cost you more than N300k. If you can get a good one with good engine, you have been able to resolve a problem.
Making the Money
You can cover your transport cost by shuttling on your way to work and when you are coming back in the evening. Depending on the distance, the fare you get from commuters should cover your transport and feeding for the day.
By the end of the month, you would realize how much you are able to save



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