Premature ejaculation is one of the reasons many women cheat on their husband or boyfriend. No lady wants a “one mintue guy” or a “two minutes guy” If a man becomes that way, they find satisfaction from someone else( another guy that can last longer) So therefore this is an issue that needs to be resolved to save your marriage or relationship. Lasting in bed during sex is so easy as long as eat the right diets and stay healthy. The right diets help boost your hormones and erection, this will make you last longer and longer,  and also that 25 mintues guy for your wife or girlfriend. Here are some food that can help you with that:
1. BANANA: outside its shape, banana has been known to boost sexual performance in men. Banana increases testosterone, it also contains B-Vitamins which gives energy. Banana is rich in Magnesium and Manganese which helps in functional prostrate. Take at least two banana before sex and see the obvious difference.


2. OAT: Oat meal is also a great source of Arginine also reduce blood vessel stiffness, Arginine is also used to treat erectile dysfunction. Oat meal increases testosterone in the bloodstream which is an important factor for orgasm and sex drive



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