The Nigerian Government said on Monday that it will soon shut the land border between it and a neighbouring country in a few days time to stop the issue of smuggling of foreign rice into the country.

This was exposed by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbeh while speaking in a leadership clinic Organised by Guardians of the Nation International (GOTNI)

The minister did not mention the particular border that it is going to be, but he said the closure is necessary to encourage local production of rice in the country. He explained further that the neighbouring countries who do not consume parboiled rice import it in large quantities in a bid to send it to our own country, thereby spoiling the economy.

He explained to the youths at the event that this will stop soon, because some borders will be closed. He said all sorts of things will start coming up on the internet about how bad the policy is.

The Minister explained that he was the first Nigerian to mill rice free of stones and he has studied a lot on it, he said the rice they are bringing for us is deadly and poisonous because it has a high level of arsenic in it which causes cancer.

The Federal Government in two years reduced rice importation by 95 per cent and increased the number of rice farmers from five million to thirty million. “We just have to work hard to prosperity otherwise, this country will not grow”, the Minister said.

Commending the Minister, GOTNI’s President, Dr Linus Okorie, commended him for sharing his prosperity experience with the youths and noted that the leadership clinic was organised by GOTNI to expose young people to practical leadership principle for life success.

If Nigeria must make progress, if we must consciously build the next generation of leaders then, we must expose these young people to experienced leaders that have gone ahead for a conscious transfer of knowledge and experiences, Okorie said.



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