The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released a statement that the ministry will pick up all the stranded Nigerians that went for the world cup tournament.

The Nigerians have since the end of the tournament been stranded because so many of them were disappointed by their travel agencies.

The Ministry’s Spokesperson, Dr. Tope Elias-Fatile, in a statement on Thursday said over 239 Stranded Nigerians had been cleared to board an Ethiopian Airline flight to Abuja on Friday.

He said this was authorized by the President who directed that the stranded Nigerians in Russia be evacuated with immediate effect.

According to the Ministry’s Spokesperson, he said the ministry and Nigerian mission in collaboration with the ministry of Aviation have been monitoring the process of the evacuation, and as at the last count 230 stranded Nigerians had been cleared to board an Ethiopian Airline flight to Abuja.

He said the aircraft will depart Moscow at 8.30 hours Friday, July, 20th and arrive Abuja 16.00 hours the same day.

He also mentioned that “over 150 stranded Nigerians were among the fans who traveled to the Russian Federation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament that besieged the Embassy of Nigeria in Moscow on July 12th.”


“Consequently, the Mission submitted a formal complaint to host authorities against the airlines that brought the stranded Nigerians to the Russian Federation.


“The Mission also made arrangements for the feeding and accommodation of the stranded Nigerians in hostels around Moscow,”



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