Former governor And APC governorship Aspirant Dr. Kayode Fayemi has broken his silence on the shooting on Friday.

This incidence happened on Friday at an APC rally to welcome APC members like; Adebayo Adeyeye, Ondo state governor Gov. Akeredolu (SAN) and a former member of the House of Representative, Michael Opeyemi Bamidele, among other dignitaries. There was a gun misfire according to official police report.

This however injured Opeyemi Bamidele who is presently in an hospital in Lagos.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday in Ado Ekiti, Fayemi said that he escaped that incidence unhurt only by God’s intervention.

“We thank God that we are alive, what do you think would have happened if Governor Akeredolu, Adeyeye, Bamidele and i had died? It was possible for the bullets to have hit and killed all of us, but we thank God” He said.

The Governor further stated that the electoral contest of July 14 will be the end of Governor Fayose’s political reign in Ekiti state, he said with the kind of crowd that have been showing up in rallies, they are sure that people are ready to fight a liberation war against governor Fayose. He also said the party will work hard to make sure PDP is uprooted across the 177 wards in the state.

Meanwhile the Former Minister of State for Works, Adedayo Adeyeye recently defected to APC from PDP, this Fayemi called “a big boost to the party”, “his parting ways with Fayose would help the reclamation struggle against the present governor. He also promised that Adeyeye will be given all the right a leader in APC can get, “there are no defectors in APC” he said.

Also Speaking to reporters, Adeyeye said he defected to APC because the party nominated the right type of candidate, who is highly  educated and exposed, who is not crude like “our brother” he said. Further speaking, he said “as we speak today, Fayose is alone, he has no credible leader behind him, he is empty and naked and this coming election will expose his weakness”.



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