The 2015/2016 Law graduates of the University of Jos (UNIJOS) have been thrown into a state of confusion as almost 20 graduands were mistakenly awarded a first class degree.

The UNIJOS Law students opened their school portal to find out that their grade points were higher than what they were expecting. A lot of the students moved from a second class lower to a first class.

One student explained to Premium times that, “I saw it yesterday and I tried correcting it. I was thinking it was the NUC, there was a time they were trying to reduce the grading system like those people on 4 points, First Class, so I was thinking maybe that was what happened. I tried communicating with some of my mates in class and they said it was an error.”

The school has come out to explain the reasons for this error. They explained through their assistant registrar (information and publications), Abdullahi Abdullah, that it was a technical error and the school recently implemented an online portal system.

He also explained that the information on the portal wasn’t permanent and it was meant to be a checkpoint for students. Basically, a place they can check to confirm their results and input the right details.

According to him, it is fairly new program and such mistakes are bound to happen.

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