Information Systems & Technology

The information systems and technology is growing very fast in Nigeria, categories under Information Technology include Computers, Computer Networks, Software, Hardware, Web Design, Electronics, Telecommunications and Semiconductors.

All these categories are growing fast and you can pick one of it. Software design and website design is the faster growing of these categories, the cost of acquiring the skills needed for them is also not expensive.

The level of computer use and internet use is rising by the day in Nigeria, therefore if you are looking for a green land to invest, information system and technology is a good place to start.


Agriculture has always been one of the best industries to invest in, especially in this present time that Nigerian government is encouraging exportation and more agricultural production.

You do not necessarily need to invest in farming or rearing animals directly, there are so many categories of agriculture that you can invest in.

You can decide to invest in the pre-production category, production and post-production.

Real Estate

Real estate is growing every day and you can also invest in the industry. You do not have to build a 25 storey building; you can start with a land or a small building. Real estate gives good profit over time with good security on the assets

Invest in any of the following industries and get great returns. Get more great tips on



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