Black is every girl’s best friend. They go with everything and you can repeat and style them with diverse things. But they can also become redundant and borrow and there is a need to spice it up with alternatives. Here are three other amazing neutral colour alternatives to black that work.

1. Nude: This is fast becoming a favourite. The nude colour spells class and amazingly goes with anything. From loud to dull, to classy to hippy, investing in nude bags, shoes and outfits give you that dynamism that you seek.

neutral colour alternatives to black

2. Brown: This has been used for several centuries as the viable colour alternative. Yet a lot of women still shy away from it. Brown just like black is dark and goes with everything. It doesn’t distract and yet isn’t as dull as black. It comes in several unique shades all of which work effectively.

3. Navy Blue: This is one colour that is naturally neutral but surprisingly works for every outfit combination. It is cool like black and but still different and glamorous. You can never go wrong getting a pair of navy blue shoes or navy blue bag as an alternative to black.



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