Entrepreneurs are idea banks and smart people but most times people don’t see it because they do show it in their appearance. Just because you are very busy actualising your dreams doesn’t mean you should look shabby and unprofessional.

The following tips will help you the next time you need to dress in a formal way to a meeting.

Buttons of your Suit

There are three buttons on every suit,

Always lock the first button at the top when you are standing.

Always lock the middle button when you are standing.

Also note, never pair a sports watch with your suit and of course do not wear baggy trousers.

Never lock the last button at the bottom.


Socks are an interesting part of clothing because even though it’s small and almost like it’s insignificant, it is what brings together the whole and if not used or used properly, it creates an unwelcome distraction.

Make sure your socks are long enough to cover the naked part of your leg when you sit on a chair. Avoid wearing socks with holes or visible stains.

Make sure your socks match your trousers. You don’t have to wear plain colour socks but try to make sure it matches the colour of your trousers in a way.


A belt is one of the first things people notice about your dressing, unconsciously. Therefore the use of not will make or mar the way you look.

Make sure you use a belt when you want to tuck in your shirt.

Make sure you always go for quality leather. Quality leather will age well, and be resistant to stretch. Your belt colour must be the same colour as your shoes especially when you are dressing formally.

Choose belts that have mild colours, avoid loud colours and tonal designs, avoid large buckles or metallic detailing and also try to match your belt’s buckle with you watch and cufflinks.

In conclusion, simplicity is the keep to every formal dressing, work on that and you are good to go.



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