A couple of years after letting its users show their “Reactions”, Facebook has now eventually started testing a downvote button to offer a way to flag inappropriate and unsuitable comments. The new development is initially reported to be limited in nature, particularly available for 5 percent of Android users in the US who’ve set English as their primary language. Nevertheless, the availability of the downvote button does bring Facebook one step closer to a typical media company as it would give the social media community a way to censor comments that are questionable with respect to a particular post.

The download button will help Facebook understand which comments on a post are “offensive”, “misleading”, or “off topic” as these options come just after the users tap the button available below a particular comment. By this way, the Mark Zuckerberg-led company would get a chance to not just limit inappropriate comments but also fight back against the growing number of misleading information feeds that often emerge on Facebook in the form of “fake news”. The company is facing criticism around the growth of fake news on its site for a long time, and it hasn’t so far been succeeded to curb the circulation of those type of news stories. That being said, the downvote button is likely to give Facebook an option to view how misleading information is seeding through its site.

Although, the feature is not yet available to Nigerians but it should be available in all countries as soon as the testing is successful in the United States

Source: NDTV Gadgets



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