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Evan’s lawyer Withdraws From Kidnap Case


The counsel to the billionaire kidnapper Evans has decided to call it quit with his client, for what he called personal reasons. Mr Ogungbeje started his journey as Evans’s counsel in 2017 when he filed a fundamental rights enforcement suit against the Nigeria Police Force on Evan’s behalf seeking N300 million as damages.

At this same period, Evans already pleaded guilty but he changed this when Mr Ogungbeje came into the picture as his lawyer.

Mr Ogungbeje released a statement on Friday stating that he will no longer be representing Evans in court, this statement was gathered by the premium times newspaper and it is as follows;

For the sake of history, we have been able to enrich the basic principles of our criminal jurisprudence especially the principle premised on ‘An accused person being presumed innocent until the contrary is proved’ no matter the public opinion and criticism,” the statement continued.

“We have also been able to keep the prosecution on their toes in the art of forensic, proper and thorough investigation and prosecution of accused persons.”

Mr Ogungbeje further urged the media, prosecution, courts, and the public to note the dictum of Lord Denim in the case of Rondel vs Wosley where he opined that “An advocate is a minister of justice equally with the judge. He has a monopoly of audience in the Higher Courts.

“A barrister cannot pick and choose his clients. He is bound to accept a brief for any man who comes before the Courts. No matter how great a rascal the man may be. No matter how given to complaining. No matter how undeserving or unpopular his cause. The barrister must defend him to the end…

“He must accept the brief and do all he honourably can on behalf of his client.” Mr Ogungbeje said.

Evans is to appear in court by June 26 when a Lagos Division of the Lagos state high court will rule on an application brought by Mr Ogungbeje to quash the criminal charges against his client.



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