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Effectively Get Rid Of Stretch Marks With These Homemade Remedies


Stretch marks are unsightly marks visible on the surface of the skin. They occur most times after rapid weight gain or consistent pattern of weight gain and loss. It is a major concern for pregnant women as the stretching effect of the pregnancy on their stomach can also cause these marks.

Do you have these unsightly marks? Do you want to get rid of them with natural remedies? Then try out these homemade recipes to effectively get rid of stretch marks.

1. Egg White Mask: Egg whites contain over 40 different types of proteins and collagens which are very good for repairing skin health. It is also rich in vitamin A which has been traced to be very effective in developing good skin health.

How to use:

break two eggs into a cup or bowl. Take out the yokes. Rub the egg white on the affected areas. leave to dry. Then wash off with water. Moisturize with olive oil.

2. Potato Massage: Potatoes have been discovered to be very rich in vitamins and minerals which are very necessary for healthy skin cells. These vitamins promote restoration of damaged areas and facilitate good skin health.

How to use:

Cut the potatoes into big and thick slices. Rub the clean affected areas with these potato slices. Leave to dry for 10 minutes. Wash off. Also, moisturize as well with a good oil.

3. Sugar And Lemon Scrub: Raw Sugar is an effective natural exfoliant for the skin. it produces visibly clear and brighter skin and helps to exfoliate the top layer which reduces the appearance of stretch marks over time.

How to use:

Mix raw sugar and lemon juice together into a container. You can add olive oil to make it less rough on the skin. Then apply it to the stretch marks and rub for ten minutes. Rinse off and moisturize skin.

Please note that the above strategies work with consistent and dedicated use and might not totally remove some stretch marks but they will definitely visible reduce the appearance of these unsightly marks.



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