It has always become an issue for mobile phone users to recover phone contacts each time they lose or change phones. Nowadays, we have more people using Android mobile, and as you know, Android is owned by Google. You can hardly run an Android phone if you do not have a Gmail account. So by default, we assume, everyone has his Gmail account logged into his/her Android phone.

On Android phone, you have about three different “Contact Save” options. This means if you are about to save a Phone Contact, you have the option to either save on Phone, Your Two Sims or Your Email. Nowadays. it is safer to store contacts to your Google Account. Gmail offers every Account holder a free Cloud Space of about 10gb where you can store your files and contacts. Now tell me, how many contacts would you save that would exhaust your 10gb space.
To keep your contacts safe, follow the following steps:

– Firstly, move your contacts from SIM, Phone to Email
Moving a contact deletes it from the original account.
Open your device’s Contacts app Contacts.
Select a contact.
Tap Menu Moreand thenMove.
Choose the Google Account you want to move the contact to.
Tap Move.

– Save subsequent Contacts on Your Google Account
Open your device’s Contacts app Contacts.
Tap Add Add.
Enter the contact’s name and an email or phone number.
To pick the account where you want to save the contact: next to your email account, tap the Down arrow Down Arrow.
To add more name details: Next to “Name,” tap the Down arrow Down Arrow.
To add a photo: Tap Edit photo Edit photo.
To enter more information, like a street address or notes: Tap More fields.
When you’re finished, tap Save.

When you change your phone, simply add your Google Account and allow your contact to show all contacts, all your backed up contacts will automatically be loaded.



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